Our History

The history of Zion Lutheran Church is the story of Everett, Washington. During the later part of the nineteenth century and early twentieth-century scores of immigrants came, searching for useful work and opportunities for a better life. The Swedish people who made Everett their home needed to worship and learn in their native language.

Gethsemane Lutheran Church of Seattle held services, performed weddings, confirmations and baptisms as well as burial services for the Swedish people of Everett until the arrival of Zion’s first pastor-missionary, John A. Levin, at the end of the nineteenth century. Meeting in halls, homes, and rented quarters, this small beginning saw the formation of Zion on September 10, 1901.

An important part of our early history were the many meals, meetings, and bake sales and dinners that raised the funds for the construction of our first church building in 1903 on Oakes Avenue near Pacific Avenue, followed in 1908 by our second building at 24th and Wetmore. Everett High School needed room for expansion and bought our property after the congregation had secured the present site at 47th and Alger Avenue in the south part of the city. The current building was started in 1961 and completed in 1963.

Pastors who have served Zion Lutheran Church:

  1. Stud. Pastor J. A. Levin
  2. Pastor A. G. Sandell
  3. Stud. Pastor Eph. Cedar
  4. Pastor John Gullans
  5. Pastor A. V. Anderson
  6. Pastor G. W. Henry
  7. Pastor M. L. Swanson
  8. Pastor C. G. H. Ahnquist
  9. Stud. Pastor Harry Lundblad
  10. Pastor John Billdt
  11. Pastor Joseph Anderson
  12. Pastor Caryl Benson
  13. Pastor Merton L. Lundquist
  14. Pastor Alden Thompson
  15. Pastor Eugene Strinden
  16. Pastor Everett Jensen
  17. Pastor Leslie J. Larson
  18. Pastor J. B. Brandt
  19. Pastor Jeannine Daggett
  20. Pastor Joe Kutzke
  21. Deacon Jan Cherry